Livestock - A Welcome Addition to Organic Gardening

Having livestock in the home is becoming extremely popular and many families keep different types of birds as pets and for their eggs.

Breeding them can be fun and exciting. There are many different live bird hatching eggs to choose from and some of the most special are chickens chickens, quails, ducks, peacock, and turkey.

Whichever variety you choose, you are sure to have a fun and enjoyable experience. There are many benefits of keeping livestock and some of them are mentioned below:

3 Benefits of Keeping Livestock

1. Natural Fertilizer Chicken manure is one of the best fertilizers for organic gardening especially for fruit and vegetables. It is cheap and contains a lot of nutrients. There are many ways to use it as fertilizer but the simplest way is just to add it to compost and to let it age for 3 4 weeks.

2. Sustenance Gamebirds and other wild birds are often raised for food. The gourmet food market is known for quail and duck eggs in its culinary arts and due to this many people will raise these birds as a cheaper way of consumption or to sell them on for a profit.

3. Domestication If you have children or have a large backyard, keeping quails, ducks and chicken can be a great attraction. These birds are commonly kept as pets but it is advisable to keep common breeds such as the Marran or Rhode Island Red in order to avoid problems. Exotic breeds may look better but some can be extremely noisy and may be problematic.

Although raising chickens, quails and other birds is not easy, particular if you are a beginner, many people welcome the challenge and find it very rewarding and cathartic. Some of the things to consider are feed quality, incubation process and nutritional requirements of each species.

If you are an avid gardener or someone who likes animals choosing to raise poultry can be an unforgettable experience.