Spanish Turkey Hatching Eggs

Black Spanish Turkeys are high grade meat birds, which weigh around 15 to 29 lbs, when mature. They are great layers and produce large, and fresh high-quality eggs, with a high fertility rate.

These Turkey eggs originate in Europe and are very difficult to find. For more information and to purchase Spanish Turkey Hatching eggs, please see our selection for sale, below:

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Spanish Turkey

The Spanish Turkey is believed to have central and south American ancestors. When the early explorers from Europe first managed to cross the Atlantic Ocean and reach the New World they came in contact with turkeys for the first time. Impressed by their appearance and demeanor, the explorers carried them back home. It was there they gained much popularity. Since one of the major nations in Europe during this period was Spain who financed a lot of these explorations it is quite obvious that many of the birds ended up in that country. And they soon managed to gain widespread popularity. It was initially breed and raised for its meat. These Spanish Turkeys made a return journey to the Americas during the colonial period as the Europeans went and settled in the New World. When the Europeans settled down in the Americas they often had their Spanish Turkeys crossed with Eastern Turkeys thus creating a new breed – the Black Turkey. The Black Turkey is also often referred to as the Black Spanish Turkey or simply the Spanish Turkey in the United States. The breed was recognized by the American Poultry Association in 1874.

Today the status of Spanish Turkey according to the American Livestock Breed Conservancy is critical and it needs to be bred and reared as widely as possible. But efforts are on and there seems to e a renewed interest in the bird. These birds are now prized for their fitness, the ability of them to survive, and their superior meat. The bird is also liked by many because of their likeable nature. Unlike other commercially raised turkeys these are much more relaxed and easygoing.


The birds feathers are a shining, metallic black with a greenish tinge. The under color is a dull black. However, when they are young these birds would appear brownish or bronze colored. But this changes to lustrous black as they mature. Stay away from picking up adult Spanish Turkeys which are brown or bronze in color.

The bird’s beak is black in color while its shanks and toes are pinkish. The wattle is red but can also be bluish-white at times. Like other turkeys the skin of Spanish Turkeys is also white though there have been reports of a slight yellow tinge to their skin. The yellowish tinge to the skin can be attributed to the dietary habits of the bird. Those who feed on green food and corn may end up having a yellowish tinge to their skin. The color of their eyes is dark brown.

The average weight of a Spanish Turkey is about 23 lbs for males and about 14 lbs for females. But we must remember that these birds have not been bred for years for production purposes and hence some of the birds might be smaller than the average standards set for the breed. The situation can be improved and the bird can reclaim its lost glory by carefully selecting Spanish Turkeys of good health and allowing them to mate naturally.