Blue Scale Quail Hatching Eggs

Texas Blue Scale Quails are unique and popular, due to their blue colored feathers, and calm nature. They are native to New Mexico, Colorado and Kansas, and can grow to around 10 inches long.

They eat mostly seeds and berries, and are good at laying eggs. For photos and more information, take a look our collection of Blue Scale Quail Hatching Eggs for sale, below:

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Blue Scale Quails

The Blue Scale Quail gets its name from the marks of scales on the plumage. These marks vary from grayish to slate blue in color. The birds could be found in Arizona, New Mexico, parts of Texas, southwest Kansas and in central Mexico.


A fully grown Blue Scale Quail would measure anything between 10 inches and feet in length. The general color of the plumage is light-blue-gray. This is true for both the male and the female species of the bird. Also common in both males and females is a white tipped or cotton-top crest atop its head. The way to distinguish between male and females Blue Quails is to look at the feathers on their chin. The males would have plain light brown feathers. On the other hand females generally have light brown pin-stripe in the area around the chin. The females are also smaller in size with a comparatively smaller head than the males. And even though both will have a crest, the male crest is a bit thicker than the female one.

Blue Scale quails are generally docile creatures and do not show a lot of aggression. They are quite a social animal and can get along well with other quails during the non-breeding season. The Quails naturally prefer an area that is dry and where the soil is sandy. But if you are raising these birds where such conditions do not prevail, then a pen should work as long as its large with its length slightly more than its width. This allows them to roam about freely and exercise. It also helps them to be happy and relaxed and also lets you have them out of your way. In a single pen you can raise from one to two pairs of quails. Every pen should have a hiding area where they can hide if they feel the need to. This will make them feel more secure.


Blue Scale Quails are pretty good layers and on an average would lay anything between 50 and 60 eggs in a year. Their eggs quite large and are more round than pointed. The eggs will have random dark and brown pots on them.

To hatch these eggs yourself, collect freshly laid eggs and place them on the tray with the small end facing down. Then put it inside an incubator that has a steady temperature of 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity level at 83 degrees Fahrenheit on a wet bulb. Do turn the eggs regularly inside the incubator, at least once every 4 hours. The entire incubation process will take around 23 days.

Many people avoid raising Blue Scale Quails chiefly because of the fact that these birds always seem nervous and are very suspicious of humans. This means they can hardly be tamed. While this is true to a certain degree, it has been seen that with proper care, even these birds can be tamed up to a point and will sometimes come to the fence to feed from your hands. But you will have to give it some time and donít rush.