Americana Chicken Hatching Eggs

Americana Chickens are also known as Ameraucana or Araucana hens. The difference is that Araucana Chickens are bred and originate from South America, whereas Ameraucanas, are cross bred with other types of chicken.

One of the main characteristics of live Americana Chicken Hatching Eggs is that they are of unique color tinted blue and green. Take a look at them below, for more information and order one today!

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Should You Buy Fertile Americana Chicken Eggs?

Often confused with Easter egg laying chickens, Americana chickens are quite a different breed and its ancestry could be traced to the Araucanas breed of chickens. Americana Chickens are not as rare as its predecessors the Aracuanas, yet the breed is still classified as rare and generally they are only available through breeders. Such rarity also ensures that this breed is extremely prized. However, both these breeds are pretty recent ones with the Araucanas being recognized by the American Poultry Association only in 1976 while the Americanas were accepted as a breed eight years later in 1984.


Following are a few of the features that will help you to recognize American Chickens from other breeds.

The average size of this breed is medium with a fully-grown adult weighing anything between 6-7 lbs.

- An Americana Chicken can come in various shades ranging from black to white. They have been seen to be blue, bluish wheaten, brownish red, buff, silver and wheaten.
- These chickens do not have ear tufts but instead have muffs and a beard
- There feet are often blue or slate in color. Each foot is devoid of feathers and has four toes.
- The eggs that they lay are blue in color and are of medium size. The average number of eggs they lay is three per week.
- Thought devoid of a crest, Americana Chickens have a pea comb.

The above features are enough to help any amateur to identify the breed.


The Americanas are known to be fun with and have a unique character. They are generally hassle free and are quite sturdy physically. Most are pretty well adept to extreme weather conditions. They also have far lesser breeding problems than the Araucana breed. These breeds respond pretty positively to a confined environment and thus are suitable for breeding and hatching purposes.

Bantam Americanas

In addition to the standard Americanas there is another version of the same breed known as the Bantam Americanas. Like Bantams of other breeds, the primary difference between a standard and Bantam Americana is in the size of the two. They are essentially the same in all other features and the American Poultry Association considers them as part of the same breed.


It is a widespread myth that the Americana Chickens are the same as Easter Egg laying chickens. But nothing can be further from the truth. While the Easter egg laying chickens do not belong to any particular breed, Americana Chickens have been bred over years and have now developed specific characteristics unique to its own breed. While Easter egg laying chickens will lay eggs of any shade from blue to green to even golden Americana Chickens strictly laid blue eggs.

If you are interested in getting real Americana and want to exhibit it during a show then make sure you have the right breed with you. Many hatcheries try to dupe customers by claiming that Easter laying eggs are actual Americana Chickens. So be on your guard.